Energy Efficiency Improvements for Commercial and Industrial

Incentive funds are currently exhausted for this program year. Please keep checking back for program details. Contact Jeff Thigpen by email or call 318-740-3372 for 2018 program information.
Did You Know...
Energy represents the single largest operating expense for commercial buildings, with about 30% of building energy used inefficiently or unnecessarily.
(U.S. Department of Energy)
SWEPCO's Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program provide incentives for facilities to reduce peak electric demand and annual energy consumption, resulting in improved building performance and comfort. Incentives are available for existing buildings and new construction and are based on the verified electric energy and demand savings.

Incentives are available for:

Fluorescent & LED Lighting Upgrades
HVAC Upgrades
Lighting Controls
Air Compressor System Upgrades
Motor Upgrades
And much more!

Would you like assistance identifying improvements that yield the greatest results?

Our Energy Advisors are available to conduct a free, no obligation site assessment and help you identify projects that will meet your energy efficiency and financial goals. Click here

Program Details

SWEPCO'S Energy Efficiency Program offers financial incentives to help commercial customers lower energy usage and save on their electric bill. Energy Advisors are available to provide free energy assessments and identify, develop and implement energy efficiency projects. From the installation of electric energy saving products at NO COST, to incentives for larger, more complex equipment and projects, the program provides the necessary resources to make immediate and sustainable reductions in energy use and spending.

SWEPCO also offers incentives based on your peak electric demand and energy usage for additional eligible projects.

The following vertical market sheets give an overview of program benefits for specific industries included in the program:

Program Eligibility

Incentives are available for SWEPCO customers with a peak demand of greater than 100kW. No cost installation of low flow faucet aerators, vendor economizers, low flow pre-rinse spray valves, and CFLs is also available.


Step 1: Site Visit

The Energy Advisor reviews the Program's services, incentives, and value of participation with customers. At this time, customers can also schedule a walk-through assessment.

Step 2: Project Identification

The customer and Energy Advisor identify a project that may be eligible for the Program and prepare an Initial Application. If requested, the Energy Advisor provides assistance conducting financial analysis necessary to justify the project.

Step 3: Pre-Installation Inspection

The Energy Advisor conducts a pre-inspection to verify existing conditions and equipment.

Step 4: Final Application

The customer submits a Final Application that outlines the final project specifications, estimated savings, and incentive reservation amount.

Step 5: Post Installation Inspection

After work has been completed, the Energy Advisor conducts the necessary post inspections to verify upgrades.

Step 6: Receive Incentive

The Energy Advisor submits the final project documentation and initiates the incentive payment process. The customer will receive incentives within 2-4 weeks.


Commercial Solutions Initial Application
Commercial Solutions Final Application

Commercial Solutions Program Manual
Commercial Solutions Program Overview Flyer

PC Power Management Individual Improvements Flyer
Exterior Lighting Individual Improvements Flyer
Lighting Controls Individual Improvements Flyer
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