Residential FAQs

Q. Who is Eligible for the Program?

A. The SWEPCO Residential Solutions Program is offered to all qualifying SWEPCO residential customers, assuming they meet the following requirements:
  1. They are a Louisiana residential customer of SWEPCO with a valid account number
  2. They live in a single-family home or a multifamily unit of more than four units (renters and owners eligible)
  3. They live in a home that is a minimum of one year old
  4. Program requires that customers have central heat and air conditioning (AC) to be eligible for any measures

Q. What Does the Program Cost?

A. The participants (customers and participating contractors) pay nothing for the Program support. SWEPCO provides all Program support, and the financial investment(s) any participant makes are for the Survey or Assessment and for energy efficiency measures (other than those provided free of charge) installed in their own homes.

Q. Who Decides What Energy Efficiency Technologies to Install and Who Installs Them?

A. The customers are the sole determinant for what energy efficiency measures they decide to implement and how they are implemented. Customers should note they cannot receive incentives from contractors who are not participants with the program. Contractors interested in becoming a Participating Contractor can contact the Program Implementer to become enrolled to offer incentives to customers.

Q. How can a Contractor Become a Program Participant?

Contact an approved Contractor (listed on this site)

Q. Is Do-It-Yourself (DIY) work eligible for a incentive through the program?

A. Unfortunately, the program requires professionals trained in proper insulation and weatherization installation techniques to realize claimed energy savings. Only contractors enrolled in the program are eligible to provide homeowners incentives in the SWEPCO Solutions Residential Solutions program. DIY work is not eligible for an incentive through the program.

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