Standard Home Improvement Incentives

Incentive funds are currently exhausted for this program year. Please keep checking back for program details. Contact Jeff Thigpen by email or call 318-740-3372 for 2018 program information.
SWEPCO provides incentives and energy-saving opportunities to fit your needs. This Program helps homeowners achieve electricity savings by utilizing local Energy Consultants (EC) and Participating Contractors to assess your home's unique energy saving opportunities. Participating Energy Consultants help residential customers analyze their energy use, identify energy efficiency improvement projects and install low-cost, energy-saving measures at home. Assessments are subsidized by SWEPCO in the form of payment to contractors. Your contractor will subtract the incentive amount from your invoice.

Incentives are available for the following eligible measures:
  • Attic Insulation
  • Duct Sealing
  • Air Infiltration Reduction
  • HVAC
  • and more
  • For more information, consult a contractor in our Contractor Network.

Program Details

All energy efficiency improvements must be performed by a participating contractor to qualify for SWEPCO incentives.

  • Incentives are first-come, first-served and may be reserved for up to 30 days.
  • Incentives cannot be reserved or paid for projects that have already been installed.
  • Incentives will be paid only for installations completed by participating contractors.
  • SWEPCO verifies quality installation of upgrades through random, in-home inspections.
  • All required project paperwork must be submitted to SWEPCO within 90 days of invoice date for review and verification that the upgrade or service performed meets program standards.

Program Eligibility

To participate in the Program, the customer:
  • Must be a residential customer of SWEPCO with a valid account number.
  • Must live in a single-family home or a multifamily unit of more than four units (renters and owners eligible).
  • Must live in a home that is a minimum of one year old.
  • Electric cooling must be present for any shell measures to qualify for incentives


Step 1

Contact Energy Advisor for participation details, select a participating contractor, or call 1-318-740-3372.

Step 2

Perform energy measures per consultant recommendations.


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