Commercial Load Management Program

The SWEPCO Load Management Standard Offer Program was developed to pay incentives to energy efficiency service providers (e.g., customers, energy service companies, or contractors) for load interruptions of electric consumption on short notice during peak demand periods. Incentives are based on verified demand savings that occur at the SWEPCO distribution customer's site as a result of an interruption.

To participate in the Load Management SOP, participants undergo an application process and then enter into an Agreement with SWEPCO. Under the Standard Agreement, the Project Sponsor agrees to deliver demand savings to SWEPCO from a SWEPCO distribution customer, using load that is subject to load management curtailment activities (Interruptible Load) at that customer's site. SWEPCO will verify actual demand savings from interruptions and payment will be submitted to the Project Sponsor based on the verified savings achieved by the interruptions.

Program Details

Program Overview

The Program is based on a one year cycle.
  • Scheduled Interruptions - One (1) interruption at the beginning of the Performance Period
  • Unscheduled Interruptions - Project Sponsor choose to participate in either:
    • Option A - Up to four (4) interruptions per Performance Period, or
    • Option B - Up to twelve (12) interruptions per Performance Period.
  • Program Manager notifies Project Sponsor to interrupt load with at least one (1) hour notice
  • Program Manager/AEP performs "Verification Process"

Program Eligibility

Commercial Customers who receive electric delivery from SWEPCO are eligible to participate. Customers must have electric usage of 500 kW or greater, and must have an interval Data Recorder meter.
  • Each project site must include total estimated demand savings of at least 50 kW during the Summer Peak Demand Period. SWEPCO defines the Summer Peak Demand Period as the hours occurring between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. Central Standard Time on Monday through Friday during the months of June through September, excluding federal holidays.
  • A single project site may involve identifying Interruptible Load at more than one customer facility, so long as the demand savings from interruptions at the facilities are reported using a single Interval Data Recorder (IDR). For example, Interruptible Load at a customer's site may have multiple buildings, with each building individually metered for electricity consumption. However, if all buildings and meters are tied to one IDR, then they may be combined into a single project site.


Step 1: Application

The Project Sponsor submits an application in order for SWEPCO to review the proposed project for feasibility and to tentatively reserve incentive funding. The Project Sponsor then enters into a Standard Agreement with SWEPCO. Project Sponsors perform scheduled and unscheduled interruptions when notified by SWEPCO.

Step 2: Verification

SWEPCO verifies demand savings from scheduled and unscheduled interruptions

Step 3: Payment

SWEPCO pays the Project Sponsor for unscheduled interruptions (the Performance Period Payment).


Program Manual