Commercial Standard Offer Program

Program Overview

If you have energy efficiency upgrades that you would like to make at your facility, the Commercial Standard Offer Program has incentives available for the installation of energy efficiency measures in non-residential facilities.

The program's primary objective is to achieve a cost-effective reduction in peak summer energy demand within the non-residential sectors. This Program does not prescribe technologies or end uses, but instead provides a framework through which service providers can receive incentives for implementing and installing a wide range of measures at customer sites.

Program Details

SWEPCO's Commercial Standard Offer Program pays incentives for energy efficiency measures installed in non-residential facilities. These facilities must receive their electricity from Southwestern Electric Power. Incentives are paid for both energy and demand savings, and the installed measures must have the potential to reduce peak summer demand by at least 5 kW, except for projects that are self-sponsored, for which there is no minimum kW.

Participants in the Program--referred to as Project Sponsors--are required to meet minimum eligibility criteria, comply with all Program rules and procedures, and sign a standard agreement with AEP*, Once the measures are installed and the savings are verified, the Project Sponsor receives incentive payments based on the project's savings.

*before work is started

Program Eligibility

Any entity that can demonstrate competency in completing the proposed project and a commitment to fulfilling Program objectives is eligible to participate in the Commercial Standard Offer Program as a Project Sponsor.


Step 1: Create a Commercial Standard Offer Application in Enertrek

Project Sponsor must complete and submit the on-line Initial Application and all applicable documentation. After approvals, inspections, and all documentation are completed, work can be started on the project.

Step 2: Installation

Project Sponsor installs the new energy efficiency measures, Following the installation, Project Sponsor should submit all required documentation.

Step 3: Payment

After SWEPCO approves the project and all of the project documentation is complete, the Project Sponsor will receive payment.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Commercial Standard Offer Program Manual in the forms section. If you have questions, please contact Mike Nix.


2018 Program Manual

Agreements & Forms

Customer Acknowledgement
2018 Project Sponsor Customer Agreement

Program Savings Calculators & Tools

Other Measures Survey Form
HVAC Savings Form
ENERGY STAR Roof Savings Form
Commercial Refrigeration, Food Service, and Controls Measure Calculator
Lighting Savings Form
Window Film Savings Form
Motor & VSD Equipment Survey